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The Blue Footed Boobies are an American rock duo formed in Wilmington, NC. 

Guitar/vocalist, Logan Chaucer(23), and drummer, Sam Baker(26),captivate crowds with their energetic stage theatrics, powerful licks, and thunderous drums.


The two-piece delivers a range of sounds reminiscent of the 60’s greatest, such as Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin as well as modern contemporary rock bands like The Black Keys with their blues/psych portfolio.


Chemistry and soul are the magic ingredients that are propelling The Boobies forward at a rapid rate giving them noticeable recognition from audiences and booking agents throughout the Southeast.


TheBlue Footed Boobies have played with Blues Travelers, Stop Light Observations, ASG, The Nude Party, The Fritz, Hannah Wicklund and The Stepping Stones, Peoples Blues of Richmond, Dragondeer, and more..


The Boobies concerts aren’t just a “listening experience”, they are a “must see live” performance. Their sell out shows of 350+ people and festival turnouts of 1,000-2,000+ are evidence of that claim.

And after all, who doesn’t like a nice set of boobies?

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